sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty , photography and edit Allard van Wielink

Allard made about 700 litle series during his work for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty.
When he was doing his first casting he had the idea to make it as a final shooting because the woman where so spontanious , he would not mis this moment.
At the end of each casting he choose one or two pictures of each woman, printed it and showed it to tha client .
The clint was so estonissed they liked it a lot and printed ,the choossen ones have gon directly to the print campaigne.
Finally he made this little film to not only show 5 , but a lot more woman who where portraited , and not used in the campaigne.

Agency : Ogilvy Brazil
Client: Unilever / Dove
Creative director : Danilo Janjacomo
Art director : Eric Sulzer
Copy wrighter : Fernanda Machado
Artbuy : Nanci Bonani

Photography: Allard van Wielink
Casting direction: PRODUTORAS Alsow on YOUTUBE

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